Eurovision At Fusion

Six unique Eurovision events where fans, press, artists and workers meet to celebrate!

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Eurovision is coming to Fusion Liverpool which will be playing host to the EUROfansClub week of events this May, when Liverpool proudly act as host city for the Eurovision song contest ‘23.

Without doubt these will be some of the most exciting and memorable events.

There are six nights of Eurovision madness planned. Some nights are already sold out so act fast to get your tickets! 


See the list of events below:

Opening Night 08/05/23

Everyone will be welcomed and the ESC celebrations will kick off in extravagant fashion. Let the EUROfansCLUB begin! 

Ice Night 09/05/23

Giving thanks for the Baltic and Nordic countries that have always provided amazing music. Dress up in white and come to light up the party. Danish artist Rasmussen will be performing.

WIWI Jam 10/05/23

WIWIBLOGGS will be giving the crowd all of the gossip and backstage information. They’re gonna feed us with live performances mixed up with current and past ESC hits.

Euro Queens Night 11/05/23

Stunning performances, unforgettable songs and a lot of Fire yay yay – This is what our loved Euro Queens are known for and we will have a night dedicated to them.

Petitvision 12/05/23

An event to show our love and appreciation for the smallest countries in Europe that have brought us so much. A night filled with ballades, glitter and wind machines.

Celebration Night 13/05/23

An exciting evening to say goodbye to Eurovision with a bang. Come and celebrate the new winner together with former winners and contestants. Eurovision legends Katrina and The Waves will be performing!

Tickets to these events can be purchased below

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